CEO Communication: Amesite Now Enables Organizations to Bring Whole Programs to the Platform, with SCORM compliance

October 25, 2021

Good Morning Friends of Amesite!

Happy Monday, and hope you had a wonderful weekend! We wanted to share our announcement about an important new platform capability at Amesite.

Many organizations that provide learning - businesses, universities, nonprofits and government agencies, are in a tough spot. They have courses that are "trapped" in legacy delivery systems because of the way that these courses have been stored. Remember video game cartridges? Audio cassettes? Yup. Like that.

One of the more common formats for digitized training courses is the SCORM protocol. Moving SCORM courses to other software platforms can be expensive, time-consuming and error-prone. Because of the headache of moving courses, organizations wind up with multiple software platforms to manage. Amesite's customers often use more than one system for this reason.

We listened to the frustration at having to manage multiple platforms, and not being able to take advantage of better technology – and acted. As of November 1, 2021, the Amesite V4 platform enables our customers to launch their existing SCORM-compliant courses and benefit from our best-in-class A.I. technology and analytics, without expensive reworking of materials or custom software integrations.

Amesite Now Enables Enterprise Customers to Import Legacy Learning Programs with its SCORM-Compliant V4 Platform

It's especially exciting news for organizations that are moving to greater degrees of digitalization – who want to maintain existing courses on the same platform as their new offerings – all with the user experience that their employees, students and instructors love. In just days, whole learning and development programs can be transitioned to Amesite’s easy-to-use platform, with a single purchase order.

We are working hard to make sure our customers, and Amesite, can scale. We want to make sure that everyone can experience the outstanding technology that has delivered a 98% retention rate – for all training. Most of all, we are staying true to our mission of Improving the Way the World Learns.

As always – thank you so much for all of your support as a Friend of Amesite! We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress.

Best Wishes,
Ann Marie Sastry
Founder & CEO, Amesite

A Letter from Our CEO: Dr. Ann Marie Sastry

March 18, 2020

To Our Amesite Community,

We are in an unprecedented time. Virtually all the ways in which we interact and communicate, are being reconfigured during this pandemic, in order to slow the rapid spread of coronavirus. As this dire situation continues to unfold, our hearts go out to people already affected. We are grateful to the millions of people working in public and private organizations to keep our society operating: health care facilities, power plants, water treatment facilities, food producers and distributors, software & internet services, and government—all providing us with essential care, goods and services to get us through this crisis. Thank you all.

We know that we will carry on—working and schooling from home, and helping our families, friends and neighbors, all the while prioritizing public safety. We can only be successful in combatting the pandemic by sensibly following best practices in interaction, and in working hard to flatten the curve. Fortunately, at Amesite, we are in a position to help—and we are on the job. As a provider and advocate of better online learning, we have been working for two years to bring our technology platform and a fully managed service to market. Our team is focused and quickly scaling up efforts—because no one should miss the opportunity to learn.

Here is what we are doing—for our team, for our customers, and for the effort ahead:

Team—we put our people first. We are operating 100% remote, including our contract teams, and are supporting our people with resources that they need. We have communicated protocols for interaction and work to assure that everyone gets the rest they need, even as we are working intensively to provide greater services to our customers. Our company is our people—and we are proud of their response to this crisis.

Customers—we are standing up services as quickly as possible for institutions that need it. Our mission has been unwavering—to improve the way the world learns. We have never subscribed to the notion that learning requires only static content. The key to creating great learning experiences is engagement. Our technology was built and continues to run on artificial intelligence and software tools that make learning more engaging, and reduce the burden on instructors. Our efforts are focused on our beliefs—in offering opportunities for our communities to engage each other and provide business services that lead to change long after this crisis has been contained.

Coronavirus—we have built two, free public sites for discussions and best practices. These sites provide information on transitioning to online—one for educators and another for business leaders. Using the same technology that we use on our platform, we are updating these sites with best practices, and providing push-button simplicity in engagement for leaders who seek it. We are curating the sites’ content and keeping them updated with qualified information.

We wish everyone affected by this virus well, and especially send our thoughts to those who have become ill or are caring for the sick. There will be many struggles ahead, but also many stories of great sacrifice and success. At Amesite, we believe that education is almost always the root answer to any problem we face. We’ll be keeping the servers up, the content streaming, and the students learning, to do our part. Keep learning.

Best Wishes,
Ann Marie Sastry
Chair and CEO, Amesite