What Does Amesite's V6 Platform Do? One Month Since Its Launch, A Look At The eLearning Company's Product

DETROIT, MI / ACCESSWIRE / May 10, 2023 / Last month, Amesite, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMST) launched Version 6.0 (V6) of its eLearning platform. Amesite is a Detroit-based company that provides its white-label, scalable platform to a range of institutions such as universities, museums, businesses, and government agencies, to help them with reskilling and upskilling their employees.

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It has now launched V6 of its platform and as part of its latest feature additions, the platform now includes generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities powered by GPT-4. This is the same technology supporting ChatGPT Plus and Microsoft's new Bing browser.

With these updated capabilities, the platform enables its customers to create and launch fresh features such as:

  • Educational Games
  • Interactive Learning Experiences
  • Leaderboards and other Learning Incentives

Amesite will provide two custom-built AI features at no additional cost to customers who reach 10,000 active monthly users.

The company recently provided an AI narration to demonstrate its V6 platform capabilities. These capabilities were demonstrated through a course on ChatGPT fundamentals, which Amesite is making free and open to the public. The course includes AI-narrated videos, where the scripts and recordings were all generated by AI using natural language processing, machine learning, and generative AI models.

Amesite believes its AI-powered V6 platform will allow organizations to make education more accessible and more relevant to their users. The AI features will increase the speed and scale with which groups can build their learning content.

Following the news of the launch, Amesite stock AMST rose 81%. It traded at $4.58 by the end of the day, indicating a positive response from investors.

Amesite, Inc. , Wednesday, May 10, 2023, Press release picture

Working With Business And Universities

Amesite's goal is to provide workers with next-generation reskilling that prepares them for changes in the economy. The company has a 99% learner retention rate for paid learning, and has consistently maintained an AI-first approach. This meant the company has kept up with technological developments and Amesite has remained a leading provider of educational and reskilling content.

"Generative AI models are producing increasingly realistic and advanced outputs, enabling more efficient production of content and instruction to make education more accessible," said Amesite CEO, Dr. Ann Marie Sastry. "Use of AI is transforming instructional design to make it more effective, lower cost and more relevant, and Amesite is committed to making sure our Customers can utilize it to build their content portfolios."

According to Ann Marie Sastry, customers on the V6 platform will get relevant educational opportunities and real-world experience in using generative AI. This experience will prepare users better for an economy that is rapidly shifting toward AI adoption.

Amesite includes among its numerous partnership Michigan Works! Southeast, a state workforce skills development organization that recently renewed its collaboration with Amesite. It also added several colleges and universities to its alliance with the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (NAFEO). Amesite's V6 platform powers NAFEO's learning management system, helping provide content that supports economic mobility for its students and alumni. Amesite is also a Microsoft Educational Partner; Microsoft featured Amesite in a Microsoft Story on its website last year, highlighting its strategic move to achieve greater efficiency in delivery.

Other companies offering eLearning services include Coursera Inc., 2U and Powerschool Holdings Inc.

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