Amesite Inc. Announces Launch of Amesite Life Offerings in Health and Financial Wellness

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Feb. 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Amesite Inc. (the “Company”), an artificial intelligence software company providing online educational programs for higher education, announced today its plan to launch two new online wellness offerings. These programs mark Amesite’s first launches of programs for consumers, aiming to improve their quality of life through expert instruction, engagement and peer interaction.

The new programs are as follows:

  • Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness: Building a Healthier Life – a 12-week program introducing learners to essential facts about subjects that are complementary and essential to health and well-being. This program is ideal for people seeking qualified information and support in making positive changes to their lifestyles. The program also aims to highlight to the latest scientific findings, making them accessible and practical.
  • Personal Financial Management – a 6-week program introducing learners to key concepts and practices in personal finance, and involving them in discussions on recent events and trends in financial management. This program is ideal for people seeking a solid understanding of money management, credits, insurance, investments and estate planning, and will be particularly helpful to new high school and college graduates.

Each program comprises instruction and engagement, and certificates are awarded for successful completion of each. These programs are powered by Amesite’s platform, which uses artificial intelligence to customize learning.

Mr. Demond Johnson, CEO of A2 Fitness Professionals, said, "As a fitness professional, I know the value of taking a multipronged approach in total wellness, and I’m pleased to be an instructor for this program. It embodies many of the things I teach and lecture on, in my own practice."

J. Michael Losh, Director of the Company, and former CFO of General Motors, said, “As a finance professional, I know the value of good information and guidance in financial management. As an instructor, I am pleased to be able to share some of the insights I’ve gained, and guide people, particularly young people, as they create solid long term financial foundations for themselves and their families.”

Amesite CEO, Dr. Ann Marie Sastry, said “We are utilizing the platform we have built for higher ed, to deliver these programs to consumers, with outstanding instructors who are also practitioners. We believe these programs are needed – but they didn’t exist. So we created them.”

Enrollment will remain open for each program until 1 week after the start date of the course. Students should visit to learn more about the programs and to register.

Amesite’s online learning solutions for colleges, universities, faculty and students utilize artificial intelligence technologies, including machine learning and natural language processing, to deliver cost effective, cloud-based digital versions of courses that greatly enhance and improve the learning experience of students. Amesite’s online platform includes customized user messaging and tracking as well as seamless integration of current events into traditional course materials, creating a more meaningful experience for both students and instructors alike.

About Amesite Inc.

Amesite is a high tech artificial intelligence software company offering a cloud-based platform for college and university courses to be cost-effectively and conveniently delivered to learners online and in hybrid online/on campus formats.  Amesite uses artificial intelligence technologies to provide customized environments for learners, easier-to-manage interfaces for instructors, and greater accessibility for college degree seekers in the US education market and beyond.  The Company leverages existing college infrastructures, adding mass customization and cutting-edge technology to provide cost-effective, accessible, scalable and improved learning experiences to students. Founded in 2017, Amesite is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  For more information, visit

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